Corporate and Commercial

Negotiating purchase price adjustments

Andrew Windybank 27/11/2019

Purchase price adjustments are commonly used in M&A transactions to ensure that the agreed value for the purchase of shares or assets is realised. In this article, we consider the importance of having a well-drafted purchase price adjustment mechanism in a sale contract to avoid unintended outcomes.

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Employment Law / Industrial Relations

Are you paying your employees correctly?

Susan Moran 26/11/2019

We are seeing a constant stream of large companies in the media for significant underpayments of their employees. These companies often have dedicated HR departments, so how could they get it so wrong? In this article, Susan Moran, Principal of our Employment team, discusses common mistakes employers make when paying their employees.

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Mergers and acquisitions | Corporate and Commercial

Mergers & Acquisitions: A snapshot of what we're seeing

James Stevenson 26/11/2019

In this short article we provide some commentary on what we’ve seen in the M&A market since our last M&A update, both locally and nationally, through our continued involvement in a range of transactions, and recent trends as we move into a new calendar year.

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Property and Planning

Building for the future

Elizabeth McDonald 25/11/2019

Homes that provide protection against rising energy prices should be the result of the new policy recommendations put forward by the Property Council and endorsed by the Federal Energy Minister. Having observed the results of these kinds of policies in the US, Elizabeth McDonald writes about the global move towards ‘net zero’ buildings and how the Hunter stands to benefit.

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Intellectual Property and IT

No use crying over spilt soy milk - Trade Mark Registrar rejects opposition to Vitasoy's trade mark application

Annick Vincent 20/11/2019

The Registrar of Trade Marks recently handed down its decision regarding Vitasoy's proposed trade mark 'GROWING MILK SINCE 1940' for non-dairy products. In this article, SWS considers the impact of this decision on trade mark applicants.

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